The 3rd Meeting of the ECO Educational Institute Board of Trustees

The 3rd Meeting of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the ECO Educational Institute (ECOEI) was held virtually on August 12, 2020.

The 3rd Meeting of the ECO Educational Institute Board of Trustees
12 August 2020

The 3rd Meeting of the ECOEI BoT was held virtually via Zoom on August 12, 2020, following the 3rd Meeting of the High Level Expert Group (HLEG) of the ECOEI which was also held virtually on August 10, 2020.

The virtual BoT Meeting was hosted by the H.E. Ziya Selçuk, Minister of National Education of the Republic of Turkey, and chaired by Burcu Eyisoy Dalkıran, Director-General of the EU and Foreign Relations Directorate under the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey.

The meeting was attended by the respectful ministers, deputy ministers, and high level officials from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Republic of Azerbaijan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and the Republic of Turkey. The Turkish Cypriot State was also present as an observer state. The Secretary-General of ECO along with the relevant staff of the Secretariat as well as the President of ECO Science Foundation and President of ECO Cultural Institute along with their delegation have participated.

The BoT renominated Prof. M. Akif Kireçci as the President of the ECOEI for another term of three-years and the reappointment was approved by the Council of Ministers effective from 17 August 2020 to 16 August 2023. In addition, the BoT has reviewed and approved the Scale of Assessment and Annual Budget of the ECOEI, and the Institute’s Work Program for 2020-2022.

At the meeting, the parties also discussed the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on education and the global shift towards distance education along with its challenges. The participants highlight the important role played by the ECO Educational Institute bringing in the new perspectives on education in the region by following the global trends and emphasize the significance of empowering the Institute’s work. President Kireçci also explained that the ECOEI’s Work Program for 2020-2022 has also been designed to illuminate the Institute’s efforts to promote social progress and cultivate stronger ties among the members by also observing and adapting the recent changes in the education systems.

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