ECOEI Participation to 27th Meeting of the ECO Council of Ministers (COM)

ECO Educational Institute participated in the 27th meeting of the ECO Council of Ministers in Shusha, Republic of Azerbaijan on 10 October 2023.

ECOEI Participation to 27th Meeting of the ECO Council of Ministers (COM)
10 October 2023

Chaired by H.E. Jeyhun Bayramov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the meeting witnessed active ECO participation. It was attended by the Honourable Foreign Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Türkiye, and Republic of Uzbekistan. Deputies from the Foreign Ministries of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Kyrgyz Republic were also present. Additionally, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Cypriot State and the Deputy Secretary General of the Organization of Turkic States participated as observers. Presidents of ECO Educational Institute and ECO Science Foundation were also present. The Secretary General of CICA also participated as an international partner organization.

In the meeting, the ECO Educational Institute was represented by a delegation headed by President Prof. M. Akif Kireçci. President Kireçci briefed the Council about the ECO Educational Institute's efforts in the past year, which included organizing workshops, publishing reports and books on various educational topics, and said that ECOEI plans to expand these initiatives across ECO member countries. He also statated that the Institute received significant trust from ECOEI Member States, who sanctioned over 70 projects for the next three years at the last ECOEI Board of Trustees Meeting in August 2023.

President Kireçci highlighted the pivotal role of education in weaving stronger connections and promoting cooperation. He emphasized that quality education not only contributes to individual nations' development but also enhances collaboration. In an interconnected world, quality education equips individuals with the skills to address global challenges and conflicts effectively, fostering a sense of shared responsibility for humanity's well-being.

President Kireçci underscored that the ECO Members' commitment to education should remain resolute as the international landscape grows more uncertain. He stated that the ECO Educational Institute is positioned to play a key role in advancing knowledge, innovation, and cooperation in the region, aligning with the political vision of regional leaders.

During the meeting, ECO's role and activities were reviewed, and fresh proposals, as recommended by Senior Officials on October 9, were approved. Notably, the Republic of Türkiye signed the Charter of the ECO Clean Energy Center to be established in Baku, underlining their commitment to ECO initiatives.

The Meeting showed strong support for ECO's initiatives and culminated in the adoption of the "Shusha Declaration" which endorses ECO's efforts to strengthen partnerships with other regional and international institutions.

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