Consultation Meeting between the ECO Secretariat and ECO Specialized Agencies

The Consultation Meeting between ECO Secretariat, ECO Cultural Institute, ECO Educational Institute, and ECO Science Foundation was held virtually on 18 January 2021.

Consultation Meeting between the ECO Secretariat and ECO Specialized Agencies
18 January 2021

The Consultation Meeting on "the Role of Culture, Education, and Science and in Sustainable Development", held online on January 18, 2021, with the participation of the President of ECO Educational Institute and his delegation, the President of ECO Cultural Institute, and his delegation, the President of ECO Science Foundation and delegation from ECO Secretariat.


The goal of the meeting was to enhance cooperation and joint activity efforts among the ECO Specialized Agencies and to highlight the importance of culture, education, and science in sustainable development and social progress. At the meeting, all three presidents of the Specialized Agencies agreed on the significance of joint efforts and agreed on planning and organizing joint events, webinars, and projects within the year. The future President of the ECOSF, Prof. Tayebi also suggested a joint webinar on “rethinking sustainable development in ECO: future of ECO in the post-covid era”.


The President of ECO Educational Institute, Prof. M. Akif Kireçci, also indicated that as part of the Institute’s commitment to join forces with the ECO Headquarters and sister agencies, ECOEI has already included several of the proposed activities by other Specialized Agencies and will continue to focus on projects that are high impact in terms of fostering development through education in the ECO Member States. In specific, President Kireçci suggested that ECOEI may coordinate with ECI on promoting our common heritage such as vocational trainings that include arts and crafts of the ECO region. And ECOEI may work with ECOSF regarding the activities on science education at every level.


The parties decided on preparing a Joint Plan of Action, which includes the details of joint activities and events between the Specialized Agencies. Moreover, the participants discussed the ways to consolidate a healthy communication system among themselves and will look on to alternative group chat platforms and nomination of focal points. At the end of the meeting, all parties agreed to conduct these consultation meetings on a regular basis, to be held twice a year, possibly one of which with the participation of the ECO Secretariat.

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Consultation Meeting between the ECO Secretariat and ECO Specialized Agencies